Call on the Australian Government to

Change the age

Lower the Age of Independence from 22 to 18 years old so every student can acces financial support when they're studying

A disaster for students

Our national survey of over 673 people found that being locked out of Youth Allowance negatively impacted students’ financial wellbeing (86%), mental health (65%), education (60%) and experience of domestic or family violence (8%).

An education is out of reach for thousands of young people

The rising cost of living pressures, casualised and insecure work, high rent costs, and the increasing cost of education fees – all exacerbated by COVID-19 – are making it harder than ever for students to pay for their studies.

The Federal Government can take action

Policy needs to keep up with the reality of young people’s lives. 62% of people agree that the Federal Government has a responsibility to ensure students do not have to live below the poverty line while they study.

We surveyed over 673 students across Australia

One day a friend and I were having a chat about how much Youth Allowance and other payments from work we were receiving – and we realised we were living way under the poverty line. That’s when it really hit me that this isn’t the way I should be living right now.

Jesse (he/him), 23

Since I’ve been 18 – I’ve run in multiple elections as a candidate including running for Federal Government, if I’m responsible enough to do that why aren’t I considered independent for Youth Allowance?

Rebecca (they/them), 20

Receiving the COVID supplement in 2020 meant that I didn’t have to stress so much about work and losing my job. My grades actually went up a lot during that period, because I was able to focus more on my degree.

Sarah (she/her), 23